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Everex Elite – MT4 Expert Advisor


Forex with Everex Elite – just as easy as it seems

Everex Elite is 100% unique, its logic was developed by our team and is accessible nowhere else. The strategy is totally up to date and contains the latest developments. The working principal of this robot is based on market resistance levels. During the years we have successfully developed a continuously adaptive StopLoss system. To reach this results, statistics were generated and analysed in depth with the help of different mathematical softwares. Another scientific approach was the searching and analysing of mathematical connections in the dynamics of Forex market data, based on different new generation mathematical researches (Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Support Vector Machines etc.). Everex Elite is generally only in trade for 30 seconds but during this time our intelligent Stoploss system analyses, evaluates and reacts to all market movements. Based on these we modify the StopLoss value 20-30 times during each and every trade. All this effort grants the possibility for Everex Elite to be continuously profitable in the last 6 years. Check the video to see how a professional forex robot works!

Trade like a pro, trade with Everex Elite!

  • 100% automated trading. Fully automated Forex trading software to MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Works on EURUSD & GBPUSD. Trade now on the two main currency pairs for only one license!
  • Built-in User Interface. Get all the information through our built-in Graphical User Interface.
  • High profit & low Risk. Profitable since 2007, manually adjustable money management system & balance defense.
  • Trading in seconds. Everex Elite is fast and reliable, our forex robot is only in trade for seconds!
  • Quick install. Easy to install and ready to use within minutes, get your trading to the next level!

Trading billions each and every day

  • Trading volume. Everex user’s trade a total of more thousand lot per day. With this professional forex robot you can reach up to 20% monthly profit! The built in balance defense and Money Management systems are defending your deposit. The desired risk setting can be manually adjusted.
  • Partner brokers. Team Everex tested several ECN accounts and have collected the best choices for you! Please check our Partners page in order do get all the information finding the most suitable trading environment! Although Everex Elite can run on every account which meets our requirements. Scroll down to learn more.


– Perfect for: Automated trading
– Supported Trading Platforms: Meta Trader 4 Build 600+
– Minimum Deposit: Everex Elite can run with any amount of money
– Supported Currency Pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
– What you get: Everex Elite EA for Metatrader 4, Free Build Updates
– Provided Support: E-mail
– System Requirements: Windows 7/8/Server2008 or higher,1 GB Ram,1.5 Ghz
– Broker Requirements: ECN account, 5-digit price feed, StopLevel 0-2 PIP


Real-Time Preformance >

*limited time offer, standard price 499

Contact Details

  • Company: Everex Financial Solutions Ltd.
  • In business since 2007
  • Location Area: Worldwide
  • Address: Ipar street, Budapest 1095, HUNGARY
  • Email: Send email to advertiser
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  • Website: visit website

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