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FXST Investment – Account Management Service


Account Management Service

In order to make money on financial markets you do not have to possess any special knowledge. You just need to find good responsible managers, who will do the entire job for you. FXST Investment offers you highly professional account management services. The advantages of investing in FXST Investment are: reliable brokers, good profitability, low risk level, professional client services and support.

About Us

As the FXST Investment team, we have been serving the forex market since 2004. We have been providing daily forex signals as well as account management services to our followers since 2006. Furthermore, we established Introducing Broker relationships with many organizations that follow ECN/STP and NDD policies. Our main objective is to offer exceptional trading advantages to our customers such as lower commissions and tighter spreads on the trading platforms that we have previously tested and approved. Firstly, safety of investors’ funds is one of the most important matters to consider in Forex. Based on this vital information, we established business relationships with brokers that are subject to first-class strict regulations such as FSA (England), NFA (United States) and FINMA (Switzerland). Another significant aspect to consider when trading forex is the availability of smooth transactions with no conflict of interest between the investor and broker. Systems that can carry such transactions can be called ECN/STP and NDD models. We give extra attention to lead our clients to choose brokers that follow these models. Since we do not want our clients to become victims and would like them to take full advantage of all features of forex platforms such as scalping and any other buying and selling strategies, we have always avoided forming relationships with market maker firms. In an ECN/STP structure, the forex market is the counterside of the customers’ profits. NDD structure also follows that model most of the time. However, in a market maker practice, the profits become broker’s losses. As a matter of fact, such practice is the main reason behind the problems that customers face throughout their forex experiences.

Our main goal as the FXST Investment is to help our clients ensure that they constantly exist in the market while earning profits, and gain income based on volume and additional account services that we offer such as signals and account management options. Pursuing this goal will create a win/win enviroment which favors us as well as our clients. Clients who would lose their entire account balances and leave the market will not be beneficial to us. Therefore, we support constant client existance in forex which will help you and us take full advantage of all opportunities.

Best Regards,
M.C Guener
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Contact Details

  • Company: FXST Investment
  • In business since 2004
  • Location Area: Worldwide
  • Address: Fluhmattstrasse 37, 5400 Baden Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 5650 190 551
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