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Signals trading was established in order to provide the best possible solution for automated trading across the full range of financial instruments, by enabling users to automatically mirror the trades of proprietary traders in their brokerage accounts.

Signals trading provides clients with an advanced auto-execution mirror system, which allows clients to automate their trading on Forex, Indices and Commodities, by mirroring the trades of prop traders, whose accounts are displayed in Signals trading live trading rooms.

The auto-execution mirroring system allows clients to automatically duplicate the trades of their chosen prop traders in their brokerage accounts, by executing orders based on signals generated by the prop traders.

In addition, clients have a range of money management options, designed to control their desired level of risk. Users can fully define trading parameters, including trade sizes, as well as monitoring trades, positions and profit and loss, all in real time.

All the accounts are the real accounts of prop traders, trading with real money and as trades are executed they are displayed in real time.

Our trading system

We send signals to your e-mail or to your MT4 by special algorithmic trading, This strategy enables traders to have their orders executed automatically. By setting certain prerequisites based on price fluctuations and technical indicators, buying and selling orders can be fully automated.

This form of trading can be used in any type of investment strategies, which includes market making, arbitrage, inter-market spreading or pure speculation, such as trend following.

By engaging in automated trading, investment and strategy decisions at any point in time with special algorithmic support, or simply let the system operate fully automatically, i.e. on “auto pilot.” This form of trading is used in a wide range of markets including Forex, futures, options and stocks.

Such An automated system takes the emotion and busy-work out of trading allowing traders to focus on improving their strategies and money management rules.

When a signal is generated in our system, it is automatically generated in your trader account. Which will be also visible in your Metatrader 4 platform.

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