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Chartmaster – long term trading EA


Understanding how to profit from the markets can be a difficult and lengthy process, this is why only a small percentage actually make it in this game.

I have created my own software to trade for me as I needed a few things that I was battling to get past on my own:

  • Trading psychology – it was just too hard to open another trade with a positive view after a losing streak. The software doesn’t have any emotions so there is no room for human error
  • Know how – take the guess work out of trading and let the bot open the trades for you when an opportunity presents itself
  • Time – we all have families, jobs and social lives. There is no need for you to stick around more than 5 minutes a day as that is all that will be required from you to trade. After all isn’t it time and money that you need to live the life that you want?
Chartmaster is my trading tool that I use to search for opportunities and open the trades. Some of the features you can enjoy includes the following:
  • Trades opened when the opportunity is there
  • Set take profit
  • Set stop loss
  • Fixed lot size or activate money management intelligence to automatically select your lot size based on your account size
  • Reversal trades taken if the market turns
  • Fully adjustable settings parameters (change with market conditions unlike other softwares that then becomes obsolete if they can’t be adjusted to suit new market conditions)

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