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Huskins – the best forex education in industry


Huge Profits through Economic Indicator Trading
Program Summary
An Economic indicator is a statistic about the economy. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Through this program I concentrate on Economic Indicators of USA, Japan, Europe, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. There are over 300 economic Indicators spanning the above countries, not all of them are tradable, out of the 300 economic releases I have identified about 30 Economic Indicators which exhibit predictable currency price patterns.This Course and Subsequent Subscription Service is to show you how I go about trading the Releases, which have over the last few years exhibited a win to Loss ratio of about 80%. More importantly it shows you how to use that information to create your own winning trade strategy. Key Points:

  • About 80 % profits at 1:1 Risk Reward
  • Trade at Pre-Determined times
  • Spend Less than 10 hours Trading time per Month
  • Ideal for the Working Trader

What you get:

  • Overview of trading the news in the Forex Market
  • Understanding macro economic fundamentals
  • Currency trading and inter-market analysis
  • Understanding a trade plan
  • A twist on money management(a unique perspective)
  • How to create trade plan
  • 30 Trading plans for important news releases
  • Previews of the Trade Plans coming up the Next Day
  • Reviews on how one would have traded the trade plans

Who is this Program For:

  • Thinking people who want to be coached to make their own decisions in the trading the market.
  • Working Professionals who could spare 1 hour every day
  • Stay at home Moms / Dads
  • Students

Who is this Program Not For:

  • Those Looking to make an “easy” profit in Forex
  • Those looking for a signal service
  • Those who are looking for a software to tell them when to enter and exit

PRICE: 24,99 USD
*14 Day Trial and then $999 Per Year

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